These are the workshops that I am giving now:

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This workshop depends on the possibilities of location availability.


Factors to be taken into account:

Girl (NINDA), photographic study, room with projector and screen, printer.


Depending on availability it may take from 4 to 8 hours.







Photographic session



fede is naked

In this workshop Frederic Garrido wants to show us the most intimate aspects of his work: where did it come from and how; how production and post-production have been done to get the final images; origin and result and also to make us think about howhe did it and this way be able to see the secrets of his work.


It is an explanatory tour through the different stages of an inner photography project, from the beginning to the final result. He wants us to see how it is born, how it grows, what nourishes it and which are its reasons or intentions, its source of inspiration. Project’s fulfilment and finalisation.


Photography project inspired by the book The Good Crisis Alex Rovira.


What is our reality?

How can we give life to our idea?

Are we what we create?

Do we feel and live what we do?

Inner Project


Starting from the premise that every human being is creative by nature, that you just have to be attentive and mindful while you discover our great potential, you will develop yourself through a long way inside your creative world. You will also learn where to focus this creativity in order to find our creative personality.


Presentation and explanation of how to find ourselves to explain through photography what we all have in our insides without exception and to be able to channel it through the noble art of the photography.

What creativity is


What creativity is, is a workshop where you will discover the innermost part of yourself and will learn from what we are able to do as human beings.


Every human being is creative by nature, that you just have to be attentive and mindful while you discover our great potential.


We will see what creativity is and how it works through videos, music, cinema, paintings, poetry, tales… This way we will learn how we work in our innermost levels, and how we can strenghten our abilities.