abans del rellotge - Group FRANCAT

abans del rellotge - Grupo FRANCAT

abans del rellotge

This is an exhibition that gathers the eyes of eight photographers, four on each side of the border who lived the exile of those fleeing the Spanish Civil War.

A look at the past, full of news. Unfortunately, nothing was learned from what was experienced, and we are currently experiencing scenes that are repeated again seventy years later. That is why we wanted to look at the past and reflect with the personal perspective of each one, as we see with the perspective of time, what happened in those years of the beginning of the 20th century.

Maybe, just looking at the past, looking before the clock, we can stop this madness that breaks lives of people, lives that are lost, lives that break and perhaps that if we look before the clock, we can change our destiny.


VOFF - 2017

Lycée François ARAGO - 2017 

FINEART - 2018


Lycée Notre Dame de Bon Secours - 2019


instint (instinct)

Winner Collection of the “Premi Catalunya 2010”


El país de los sueños

Winner Collection of the “Premi Catalunya 2010”

Instint is the intimate and fragile relationship  of love, sweetness and tenderness between a mother and her daughter, who will also become a mother.

The combination between ephemeral dresses and hidden places create a feeling and gratitude atmosphere.

Mother-daughter relationship, friendship and gentleness, the warmth of a mother’s hands around alive and felt procreation.

Maternal instinct. 


It is an imaginary world where Elves, Fairies, woman warriors, characters that are born from our dreams live  and transport us to a remote place of ourselves. They try to find in our imagination this real inner that many times goes unnoticed and doesn’t let us enjoy life.

These characters come to rescue us, to save us from ourselves. They come to take us to real life, to remind us about the important things, and to teach us how to enjoy trivial things, the truly beautiful things of life: to just love, to enjoy landscapes, the breeze on your face, the scent of the sea or recently cut grass… To enjoy the things that really matter.

They come from different cultures, separated by an ocean, but united by the same purpose: to help us. Let yourself be transported, they are good creatures, they want to protect you. Just be carried along by them and let them make you happy. They live in Catarg, the country of dreams.

On Sóc... (where Am I)

On Sóc...
Who am i do not remember
            Aquesta foscor m’angoixa

            La solitud em desconcerta


Where I come... i do not know

            Time seems to have stopped

            I'm afraid of the world around me


What do I do here... I do not understand

            I want to wake up from this dream

            Despair beats in my fragile body

© Frederic Garrido Vilajuana